No.2 Factory of JS£¨Tianjin£©Chemical & Metallurgical Co., Ltd

It has mainly produced fluorin-contained pyridineseries,trifluoromethylbenzeneseries,trifluoroanisole series, fluorin-contained benzoic acid series, fluoboric acid series etc.

Our researchers are dedicated to development of new products and new technologies needed by customers. Apart from more than 100 chemicals in our product catalogue, we also offer custom synthesis/manufacture services.


Unit Reactions: We have reactors from 20L to 1000L for scale-up reactions from 1Kg to 1000Kg with liquid-phase fluorination, high pressure fluorination, aliphatic and aromatic halogenation, halomethylation, halogen exchange reaction, nitration, denitration/halogenation, reduction, diazo reaction, oxidation, acylation, alkylation, chloro acylation, Grignard reaction, sulfonation, esterification, and more. (Pls see the chemical fomular as follows).

Five main manufacturing workshops and multifunction medium-test manufacturing workshop, and two central laboratory. Our testing instruments for product quality mainly include the gas chromatograph manufactured by HP Corporation of the USA and a high-pressure liquid-phase chromatograph, thereby our company enjoying advanced testing facilities.

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