No.1 Factory of JS£¨Tianjin£©Chemical & Metallurgical Co., Ltd.

No.1 factory of JS£¨Tianjin£©Chemical & Metallurgical Co., Ltd. has specialized its fields of medicine and their intermediates for 8 years,which has rapidly expanded to become a modern technological development plant in medical raw material with about 95% of products being exported to world-wide market.


Working staff : 105 persons, of which the technicians amount to 90%, including 8 postdoctoral researchers, 6 doctors , 5 senior engineers, 20 masters, 25 undergraduates, and other specialists.

Producing equipment: 4 well-equipped application laboratories and 7 pilot production lines including one high-temperature and high-pressure production line, one low-temperature and low-pressure production line, one vacuum distillation production line, one catalytic hydrogenation production line and one general chemical production line etc.

Inspection device: fully equiped with test facilities and instruments including one high pressure gas chromatograph(GC), one high pressure liquid chromatograph (HPLC), one chemical element analysis instrument; one mass spectrometer, one digital melting-point apparatus,one polarimeter, one ultraviolet spectrometer and one ultraviolet analytic detection apparatus etc.

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