Sulphur black is an excellent dyes for the use of cotton with its high performance and cheaper price, it has been playing an important role in gradually acute market competition since it has born one hundred years ago. No.3 Factory of JS (Tianjin) Chemical & Metallurgical Co., Ltd. had produced sulphur black for more than 8 years, with the production capability is 1200 tons per years. It is one of major products in this factory. 100% strength sulphur black BRN in this country has a long history of production and good reputation in China, which is one of standard dyestuff samples published by the state. 200% strength sulphur black BR through undergoing the reformation and innovation for many years, now it has become very famous on international market and has been trusted by new and old consumers from all over the world with its mature technology and stale quality. In order to meet the needs from the international market, 200% strength sulphur black 3R(C.I.sulphur black 1) was developed in middle 1990's. This product had the advantage such as advanced process and safety operation etc. and has become the best one among the same type products with its high strength and brilliant shade. In 2000, 200% strength sulphur black B was developed for satisfying the use of international customers. Its shade is more blueish. On the shade, sulphur black B assumes blueinsh, sulphur black BR assumes blue-reddish, sulphur black BR-1 assumes redder and sulphur black 3R assumes bright red. The serial products of sulphur black satisfy the requirement of different customers. The quality of sulphur black must pass two-grade inspection rigorously before the products can leave the corporation.

Now we mainly recommend the Sulphur Black 1 Series ,consisting of Sulphur Black BR. 200%, Sulphur Black BR. 240%; Sulphur Black B. 200%, Sulphur Black B. 240%;Solubilised Sulphur Black

(1) Sulphur Black BR
(2) Sulphur Black B
(3) Solubilised Sulphur Black

Remarks: The difference between Sulphur Black BR and Sulphur Black B is on the shade:
Sulphur Black BR is redish
Sulphur Black B is greenish

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